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                                                 Architect Director


Family Name:                                      Neill


First Name:                                          Stewart


Year of Birth:                                       1925


Nationality                                           Zambian


Qualifications:                                     Diploma in Architecture (D.A), Edinburgh School of Architecture (1952)


Memberships of Professional

Associations:                                        Member, Botswana Institute of Development Professions (MBIDP) 1985; Member, Architects Association of Botswana (MAAB) 1995; Registration Architects Registration Council (ARC) 1954). Member Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 1954; Member, Zambia Institute of Architects (MZIA), 1964


Years of Experience

Since Qualification                              49 Years


Position in firm                                    Managing Director


Years with current Firm                       15 Years


Years in Botswana                               15 Years


Previous Employees and Dates           Eric Todd & Partners, Pretoria, South Africa (1953); W. D’Arcy, Cathcart, Creasy and Fothergill, Harare and Lusaka (1956-1959); Hutt and Neill Partnership, Lusaka (1964-1969); Stewart Neill and Partners 1970; Joined Dalgliesh Africa Group in 1974; Resident Partner, Dalgliesh Lindsay Group, Gaborone 1989


Country of Residence                          Botswana (Permanent Resident)


Other Relevant Information     Mr. Neill's Extensive Experience speaks for its self. Among the more notable projects undertaken includes hotels, hospitals, educational and tourism buildings.