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                                                                                 Company Organogram



                                                                                   Managing Director (S.Neill)




                                                                                                    Director (F.Phiri)




 Director, IT/ CADD & Production (M.S. Tshekane)                        Senior Architect (Vacant) ***



                                                      Assistant Architect (Position Vacant) ***





 Architectural CADD Technician (M. Chapusa)      Architectural CADD Technician (Position Vacant) ***




*** Vacancies indicated for some positions in organogram are a result of the decreased workload following the slump in the

 construction industry. This, however, is not a permanent situation. Our labour resources are periodically reviewed in line with

 the dictates of the construction industry and complexity of work on hand. Preference is always given to the employment of

 local labour resources. Although we still have access to international expertise through associated offices these are only

 called upon after exhausting local resources.