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                                                Senior Technologist


Family Name:                                      Chapusa


First Name:                                          Martin


Year of Birth:                                       1969


Nationality                                           Motswana


Qualifications:                                     City and Guilds Ordinary Technicians Diploma (OTD) Botswana Polytechnic Botswana (1993)


Memberships of Professional

Associations:                                        N/A


Years of Experience

Since Qualification                              9 Years


Position in firm                                    Senior Technician


Years with current Firm                       3 Years


Years in Botswana                               From Birth


Previous Employees and Dates           KMM Architects and Project Managers, Gaborone, Botswana (1993-1999)


Country of Residence                          Botswana


Other relevant Information                  is computer literate in CADD and a number of IT applications. Is competent in the Production of working drawings site supervision